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iRing Intelligent Ring Planning TechnologyAegis Next Generation Blasting Software

iRing Inc. is a global industry leader in underground mining solutions. Specializing in the automated design of Ring patterns, iRing Inc. offers two software packages: iRing - an innovative tool that facilitates ring design with a CAD system, and Aegis - a powerful standalone application that allows for lightning-fast automatic ring generation, intuitive editing and effective pattern optimization. Combining leading edge software and experienced drill and blast consultants, our team of experts can help you optimize your drill and blast design. Contact us today to learn more.

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Manning Award Nomination Recipients Troy Williams, P.Eng. and Chris Preston, P.Eng. of iRing Inc. have demonstrated the innovative successes within the Northern Ontario community and Thursday, April 16th we celebrated their nominations for the 34th Manning Innovation Awards. Read more about the nomination here or download the full press release.