Screen Captures from AEGIS Workflows
AEGIS Designer, Analyzer and Break Analyzer Traditional underground drill and blast software is generally an extra module that sits on top of either a CAD package or geological modeling software. With CAD software, users must choose and pick from toolbars that define single steps in the ring design solution process. Indeed, the standard workflow is to slice rings and then step through the rings, one ring at a time, manually laying out holes. If the burden or spacing is adjusted, the user must start at the beginning by cutting slices for each ring. AEGIS is completely different from this.  AEGIS Designer, Analyzer and Break Analyzer were developed for underground mining engineers and planners, for automatically generating ring designs and charging layouts for entire stopes within seconds. Employing this software dramatically changes the way underground long-hole ring design is done. AEGIS represents the future of underground drill and blast design.
“The Next Generation of Underground Blasting Software”

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i Ring   INC   is   a   global   industry   leader   in   underground   mining   ring   blasting   solutions.   Using   our   leading-edge   software,
products   -   AEGIS   Designer,   Analyzer   and   Break   Analyzer   can   assist   in   optimizing   drill   and   blast   design.   iRing   Inc.   is   a
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Ontario   Business   Awards    and   received   a   Manning   Innovation   Award   nomination   from   the   Ernest   C.   Manning
Awards Foundation   . Blast    design    is    particularly    important    since    downstream    processes    rely    heavily    on    material    handling    based    on fragmentation. Improper blast design directly affects bottom line economics.
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