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To help underground hard rock miners excel at drill and blast planning

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Creators of AEGIS Underground Ring Design Software

About iRing

iRing Inc. is a global leader in the development of underground drill & blast planning software that helps a mine improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Since 2003, the experts at iRing have been solely dedicated to the pursuit of optimizing underground drilling and blasting operations.

What we have discovered is that when we turn the blast into a repeatable industrial process then the overall costs and environmental impact are reduced substantially, at the same time allowing for increased rates of production. WIN-WIN-WIN.

A True Competitive Edge With Drill & Blast Process Optimization

iRing engineers have created a proprietary break model that can determine the most appropriate blasting design given the rock properties, explosive properties, and shockwave attenuation characteristics. The idea behind the model is to engineer a blast that produces a fragmentation distribution that allows the client to bypass crushing operations and reduce the energy consumed in grinding operations. The blasting operations are now seen as the first step in the milling process producing repeatable and predictable fragmentation, each and every time.

We guarantee at least a 5X increase in ring planning productivity over the current generation of ring planning tools. Your engineers can now spend time engineering the blast instead of drafting.

There is no room for guesswork in mining. It is becoming increasingly more complex and expensive to mine. As a part of our service offerings, we provide consulting expertise to the mines and can assist with:

Perfect narrow vein stope blast

Doing It Right

With Aegis, trivial design changes can be completed in seconds. Aegis automatically generates ring design and charging layouts and allows the user to edit holes and explosive charges without affecting past work.

In an effort to share our extensive database of information and experience we have assembled a knowledge base containing over 2000 pages of original content including: videos, images, and documents. It is available for:

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The Solution for Design Generation in Seconds...

Guaranteed 5X increase in ring planning productivity over the current generation of ring planning tools. Your engineers spend time engineering the blast instead of drafting.

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The Solution for an Intuitive Blast Analysis...

A powerful analysis tool to help you compare several different approaches to the same problem and help get your blast design right the first time.

Your challenges are complex... Our team can help!

Start a project with iRing Inc. and let our experts help you tackle your greatest challenges.